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Precision Sim Engineering LM-X

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  • SW10280
Dieses Lenkrad definiert die Grenzen des Machbaren im Bereich des professionellen SimRacing.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Precision Sim Engineering LM-X"

Dieses Lenkrad definiert die Grenzen des Machbaren im Bereich des professionellen SimRacing.
LM-X in Vollausstattung enthält ALLE optionalen Funktionen/Features:

- Doppelte Kupplung
- 2 Zusatz-Paddles
- ChromaWorx RGB Beleuchtung für Tasten und Drehregler
- Hochwertige Verpackung / Präsentationsbox



The LM-X is a revolutionary 300mm endurance style wheel that features brand new, ground-breaking control technology.

Our new ChromaWorx lighting system grants you the freedom to customise your control layout like never before. All 12 of the high-quality tactile buttons and 4 rotary dials are lit up with full RGB colour, and are configurable via our ChromaWorx App.

The LM-X is also our first wheel to feature a MFS (Multi-Function Switch), giving you 7-way control over in-game menus.

The LM-X takes advantage of a bright 4.3in LCD Display and 16 RGB LEDs to present you with all the information you need to succeed. The LM-X is compatible with major software suites such as SimHub, Z1 Dashboard, and Joel Real Timing.

Our Magnetic Gear Shifters are fitted as standard; you can supplement these with the optional pair of Quick Adjust Paddles to make rapid setting changes.

The optional Dual Clutch Paddles feature our new Electronic Launch Control system. You can precisely calibrate your paddles and adjust your bite-point setting electronically, giving you the best starts possible.

The LM-X is available with our standard low-waste packaging, or you can choose to upgrade and add an optional presentation box. The presentation box has a custom-made foam insert to protect and display your wheel when not in use.

Connects to your computer via a single USB input. An included 5V mains power adapter is required for full operation.



  • 300mm diameter 

  • Injection moulded polyurethane grips with micro-texturing

  • Optional ChromaWorx controls, fully adjustable RGB backlighting for buttons and dials

  • 8 rotary dial controls 

  • 12 high-quality push buttons 

  • 7-way MFS (Multi Function Switch)

  • PSE Magnetic gear shifters with carbon fibre paddles

  • Optional Quick-Adjust paddles

  • Optional Dual-Clutch paddles with Electronic Launch Control

  • Full-colour 4.3in LCD data display

  • 16 Full-RGB LED for RPM and Warning Flags

  • Replaceable industrial-grade coiled USB cable

  • Optional Presentation Box with custom foam protection

  • Includes 70mm adapter for mounting Fanatec Podium Hub, Accuforce Quick Release, or any 70mm Quick Release system.

Compatible with


  • PC or Mac

  • Any 50.8mm quick release coupling (not included)

  • Simucube SC2 + SC1

  • SimSteering

  • OSW

  • Accuforce (Accuforce quick release not included)

  • Fanatec Podium and CSW 2.5 via Fanatec Podium Hub (not included)

Check your setup

The LM-X Wheel connects to a PC or Mac via its own dedicated USB input. Not compatible with PlayStation or Xbox.

Please study the LM-X Data Pack before ordering to ensure that the LM-X is compatible with your unique simulator setup. 

Please note: Our products are hand-built to order in the United Kingdom. The lead-time can be up to 4 weeks, but we think they’re worth the wait.



Once you’ve received your LM-X, choose your software...

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